Episode 25 – Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears Tacobell Explosion

ep25 This week we talk about; Taco Bell, Haribo gummies, Warcraft Pokemon, skining dead people for art, Rust, Magfest, Our Darker Purpose, Warhammer online, Knack. Also we have the first appearance of Amanda, our new cosplay guru! Check it out! Cast members on this Episode were myself(your host) Adrian, Read more [...]
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‘Pokemon’ came to World of Warcraft

petbattles When World of Warcraft released their Mist of Pandaria expansion in September of 2013, a new feature they added was 'pet battling'. Very 'Pokemon' like, you are able to catch pets and battle them to level them and defeat hard trainers. There are other ways than just catching them to obtain different Read more [...]
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Katsucon XX Recap!

katsu This year marked Katsucon's 20th gathering and had a lot going on. The surrounding DC metro area was pummelled with tons of snow at the start of the con, but this did not deter the massively huge crowds from making it out. A huge plus to Katsucon is that it is completely indoors, since it is a huge atrium. Read more [...]
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Valentines Day Lets Play: Ultionus

ultionus Hey there all you lonely fellows, looking for a big booby companion to spend your Valentines Day with? Well I got one just for you! And she is the heroine for Ultionus, the Retro indie game that got allot of people talking. Join me as I beat the game to its ball kicking consultation. The game which Read more [...]
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Let’s Play round up!

Starbound Hey Kids, If you have missed the activity on the Youtube channel, We got a heap of Let's Plays for Starbound going on. Up to Part 3 is uploaded now, Part 4, 5, and 6 will be up in the coming weeks. Read more [...]
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