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Let’s Think Games – Game Press Secret Lists and Ethics

I quest the very fabric of your mental health and explain why email groups in press do not matter, and go over the idea of Ethics, which everyone seems to have forgotten in all this. #SpaceJamGate Info on the Youtube post.

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Let’s Think Games – How the Game Industry could crash.

This episode I talk about the idea of a game industry crash and how it would be very different then what we saw in 1984 when consumers lost confidence in the product, while pointing out some major issues that are going on today.

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Let’s Think Games – #GamerGate and the IGF

Taking a step back from working on Let’s Talk Game, to give a bit of an opinion on the whole #GamerGate thing.

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New video, after so long?! Pokemon TCG Beta

So ya, have not had internet or anything for a while but you know what, I made up the lack of content with this Pokemon TCG Online Beta Video! Enjoy!

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Let’s Talk Games (LTG) Videogame Merchandise

This week we take a look at a butt load of Videogame Merchandise and I break down a little information on each.

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Let’s Talk Games (LTG) Retro Indie Games

This week I take a look at the glory that is Retro Indie Games, as well as run down my list of top 10 Retro Indie Games you should check out.

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Let’s Talk Games (LTG) Alien: Isolation

If you are on this page you should check out the Youtube channel for more information, If you are to lazy, Just watch this video about Alien: Isolation and enjoy.

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DID YOU MISS E3? Dont worry I got you.

I was working with to bring some kick ass video of E3 2014, if you missed it you need to totally check the link below, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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‘Pokemon’ came to World of Warcraft

petbattles When World of Warcraft released their Mist of Pandaria expansion in September of 2013, a new feature they added was 'pet battling'. Very 'Pokemon' like, you are able to catch pets and battle them to level them and defeat hard trainers. There are other ways than just catching them to obtain different pets in the game however. You can also obtain rare pets as drops from monsters, attending Blizzcon, loot cards from the WoW TCG, purchasing Collector's edition of WoW's expansion, some quests even award Read more [...]
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Katsucon XX Recap!

katsu This year marked Katsucon's 20th gathering and had a lot going on. The surrounding DC metro area was pummelled with tons of snow at the start of the con, but this did not deter the massively huge crowds from making it out. A huge plus to Katsucon is that it is completely indoors, since it is a huge atrium. Let's discuss some key points of this year's Katsucon: Cosplay So many excellent cosplayers came out this year. Prior to attending Katsucon, I assumed it would be predominantly Anime cosplayers, Read more [...]
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Ode to Warhammer Online

odetowarhammer This is a bit overdue, but much needed. This is an ode to one of the best player vs player (or as they referred to it as realm (of Destruction) vs. realm (of Order)) MMOs to grace the internet. Background: In September 2008, Mythic Entertainment (under EA Entertainment) released, after years of planning and trailers, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. This game had a huge crowd of fans from well before the release mainly because of the table top game and also other Warhammer games, such as Dawn Read more [...]
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Katsucon 2014

katsucon800by200 For those of you on the east coast, there is a great cosplay convention coming up February 14 - 16th. Katsucon! The convention is at the Gaylord Resort at the National Harbor, MD, which is right on the Washington, DC and Virginia line. If you have never been to the Gaylord, you are in for a treat! This resort/convention center is not your typical place cons are held at. It is the biggest atrium on this side of the US and absolutely beautiful. The entire convention is indoors and will not stop due Read more [...]
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Akakioga Cosplay

akakiogacosplay Sorry for no content since my introduction post, but holiday time can sometimes be time consuming! Going forward, I am going to post a weekly pick for unique cosplay. This week, I would like to feature Akakioga Cosplay. Akakioga has been attending conventions since 2006 and started cosplaying at conventions in 2008. Although she doesn't make her own cosplays, due to time restraints with school, she does make her own accessories, plushies and styles her own wigs. She loves everything from Naruto to Read more [...]
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Here comes the cosplaying!

cosplayblog Eager to read about some unique, interesting and noteworthy cosplaying related blogs? Well then, you are in for a treat. I'm Amanda and will be posting mainly cosplay related blogs, but will occasionally dabble in other areas of interest too. I've been cosplaying since 2007, when I was Yachiru at Otakon (Baltimore), 2010 I was Judgement Blood Elf at Blizzcon, 2013 I was a Monk Panda at Blizzcon and I run a company that does costumes and mascots at events and parties. My love for costumes started Read more [...]
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Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention 2013 Coverage

lbcc Take a look inside, as we tackle the 5th annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention. Some great art, cosplay, fanfar, and toys to be had. Check them out as we take a ride though the convention. Check out the mind of the cosplayers, Game Church, as well our awards while seeing some familiar faces around the con. The Run Around Behind the Cosplay Ship 2 Block 20 Awards for LBCHC Interview with Game Church at LBCHC 2013 Read more [...]
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Check out the 2nd Annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival

miff We check out the 2nd Annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival and talk to the brains and blood of the operation to bring light to some of the most innovative and talented artist on the web. We talk to Jeremy Azevedo (Sr. Director of Original Programming at Machinima), Jon Gibson (Co-Founder of iAM 8-BiT), Amanda White (Co-Founder of iAM 8-BiT) Thanks to: Kat Jones at Twitter @superkatjones Jeremy Azevedo at Twitter @Dangersharkz Jon Gibson Co-Founder Read more [...]
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Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2013 Nov 23-24

lbcc Comics, and horror, and games! Oh my! Thie weekend the Ship 2 Block 20 team looks forward to covering another event in So Cal, the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con. Michael Jordan and Tish Trotter will get geeky and cover the two day event held at the Long Beach Convention Center. This is the cons 5th anniversary show, so expectations are high having just returned from Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. While we don't expect the Hugh Hefner of the comic industry, Stan Lee, to make any special project announcements, Read more [...]
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Intellivision and Videogame History Museum team up for Comikaze 2013

vgh We get a chance to see Intellivision and Videogame History Museum team up for Comikaze 2013, to bring an amazing booth. There was some amazing stuff there as well as open gaming of all there arcade cabinets. They also had Astrosmash tournament there where the winner would get $100 which was also very cool. Check it out below. Check out Intellivision at or hit up there Twitter @IntyLives also check out the Videogame Histroy Museum at or Read more [...]
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comikaze2013 Working with Tish Trotter, we tackled Comikaze 2013, with power of Thor's hammer! We check out Cosplay, The Video Game Museum, butt, toys, special interviews and more! Check out all the great video coverage below as its uploaded and be sure subscribe to the youtube channel for the latest updates and a chance to win a Small prize pack with some shwag picked up at the con. The Comickaze Run Around 2013 Comikaze Cosplay 2013 Rate Your Comikaze Butt Ship 2 Block 20 Awards for Comikaze Read more [...]
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