Weekly update, what has Michael been working on?

As some of you might know, I have been building the code for Mukyou.com for the last 2 weeks(kinda why you have not seen many posts/videos by me) and I am happy to say the initial coding is now in the bag, and its time for the most time consuming part, the data entry. This is a massive project to say the least for the initial start. Getting profiles on Reviewers as well as the 500+ current gen games that need to be covered is mind numbing, and hard to do with an active work load, especially with the holidays at hand.

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On the subject of Difficulty


Keep in mind, this is my opinion and my perception. I’m not going to Sarkeesian my way through this and claim this is the one great truth. People have been talking about Easy vs. Hard. I’m glad this discussion has started, because I have a bit of a problem with hard games. I tend not to like them. I get frustrated, lose confidence, and ultimately dump the game without experiencing the full content.

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 9


Episode 9: the Tommy Wiseau Show is now live on iTunes/Stitcher(takes a couple mins to hit the main page) and ready for your aching ear holes.
This week we talk about Street Fighter 5 being a PS4 exclusive, Amiibogedon, and Good company actions VS Bad ones.

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Let’s Think Games – Sex, Games, Censorship with special guest Porn Star Mercedes Carrera


This week we look at the social engineering aspects that we are facing in this day and age that cross the boundaries of entertainment, and the trend of chipping away at our rights to entertainment by outside forces. This is a long one, but its content through and through, There was a slight audio issues because of the new equipment but this will be fixed in future videos.

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Nintendo: no amiibos have been discontinued, right now


After the recent kerfuffle about the allegedly cancelled amiibo production, a Nintendo customer service representative has denied a cancellation, stating:

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Katsuhiro Harada responds to fan ‘concerns’

lucky chloe

After the reveal of Tekken 7’s new character “Lucky Chloe”, fans responded remarkably negatively. Tekken, their warbling claims, is far to serious to have a “furry Vocaloid idol”, and that such “absolute trash” demeans the decorum of the series’ fighting pandas and muscular men. The series’ director responded to fan’s concerns, saying “Calm down and don’t worry.

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Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker confirmed and dated for North America, title different

Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

It’s about time! While it was initially promised for July 2013, Valve time happened, and we’re now going to see it in “Early 2015″. Boasting a new seven day campaign, full voice work, and expanded content, Record Breaker will be $49.99 for both physical and digital copies. Click below for the trailer!

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Is this HEV Hoodie me?

hev hoodie

A lot of times the “geek” apparel can be a bit much from the Dragon Ball Z button down shirts to the shirts/jackets that are just plastered with Mario characters. I am more of a subtle design type of person. I love hoodies and one of my favorites is a Dead Space one. It looks as if it is a crewmen hoodie and has this nice, big Ishimura logo on the back. No one really gets it but I love it. Then comes the HEV hoodie.

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 8


Episode 8: The Video Game Awards 2014 Commentary, is now live(well since late last night but you get the idea)
This week we do something completely different, We actually do a full commentary of The Video Game Awards, giving our impressions as we watch, and try to be constructive while keeping the expectations low. And I have to say we were not disappointed. As always the feed is to the right, and be sure to subscribe on Stitch or iTunes, and give us a review.
Cast members on this Episode were Adam Dork and Michael Jordan

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PERSONA FIVE DATED; coming to PS3 and PS4 in 2015


Get it? Because of the relationship mechanics?

In all seriousness, this is great. With Devil Survivor 2: Break Record, this, and likely Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, 2015 will be a great year for Atlus fans, RPG fans, and Atlus shareholders.

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Arcade Block Unboxing for November 2014


So apparently they sent me another Arcade Block after I cancelled my subscription, so what the hell, let’s do an unboxing! Check out the goods in this months Arcade Block! Surprisingly weird but fun block this week.

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What is “Discussion”?


It seems to be something of a trend around Anita Sarkeesian. People can seem civilized and intelligent, but as soon as the Sark appears, everyone loses a little bit of their minds.

I am a strong proponent of logic and reason. I don’t want to rely on emotions, and I consider ad hominems and logical fallacies to be insults to humanity. Discussion and debate are some of the most valuable tools at our disposal and I can’t stand people that try to tear it down.

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Voice of PaRappa threatens death on fan after he steals $100 from him in 2 year long escapade


(Artwork by The Wang, 2003)

This has been brewing for over a year now, but it seems that John Simpson III A.K.A. Dred Foxx, Voice actor of PaRappa the Rapper, is not as friendly as his video game counterpart. It all started when Cameron Perry, a diehard PaRappa fan and animator, started work on an animation project, right before the Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale release, and sought the voice of the official PaRappa, Dred Foxx, to voice the lines needed for the animation.

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 7


Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 7: Doritos Pope is now live and coming to Stitcher and iTunes page soon(which you can find on the right) or direct download or subscribe via iTunes to get it RIGHT NOW! This week we talk about Sony saying VR will revolutionize gaming, The Game Awards, and Zelda U being faster pace. We also have Justin Baldwin of SleepNinja Games on to talk about his experience as a game dev and more.

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Smash Bros. Wii U Tip: Wii U Smash Tips: Target Practice Stage 1, 2, 3 Perfect and 450,000 score


For this Smash Bros. Wii U Tip, people asked me to help them with the Target Practice Challenges(Target Practice Stage 1, 2, 3 Perfect and 450,000 score) so I wanted to present you you a clean video how to on this, so you are not pulling out your teeth spending hours trying to get it just right.

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Crowd Funding or Bad Investments?


It seems these days that Kickstarter may have become something to be wary of. Investing in a potential game may have become the prime example of exercising caution, as Elite Dangerous has just demonstrated most recently. Fans of the popular series were excited to see the game reach its Kickstarter goal and finally get the game that many of them and David Braben wanted, but with a few weeks to go before release, the joy was lost for many. Braben announced that the offline DRM free mode was not possible and instead would require an online connection to play single player, breaking one of the promises on the Kickstarter page and angering the fans. Many of the fans have demanded refunds as they are no longer interested in the game, Braben has stated that refunds will be given but on a case by case basis after initially stating no refunds would be given to those who had played the alpha or beta forms. This has been the topic of many angry online debates as backers feel they have been lied to because the offline mode was one of the promises of the project, those observing were reminded of previous occasions were backers of a project were left feeling unimpressed.

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Watch Sony’s Pulled PS4 Ad

ps4 lewd

This may have been something of a misstep on Sony’s part, as it looks like this ad is talking about something completely unintended. I bet they’re upset that they’ve cocked it up.


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Smash Bros. Wii U Tip: How to hit over 5000 Feet


Hello all you Smash Fans, Recently many asked how exactly I pulled off my 5000+ Home Run contest hit, without using the Home Run Bat with Ganon on my stream. And after a quick search, it felt like the videos showing what to do where rather convoluted, or poorly explained, so I decided to help out. Here is a short informational video of how to pull of this maneuver yourself. Happy Smashing.

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Is Zombi U 2 Being Resurrected From the Dead?


Amazon France made news this morning when they listed Zombi U 2 on their market place for a October 2015 release. This came as a shock to many, myself included because back in 2013, when Ubisoft canceled the game, leaving CEO Yves Guillemot stating,

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Video Games: Natural Evolution


You know, I get it. I get the claims that video games aren’t inclusive. That they lack minority heroes, or heroes of colour, or things like that. I understand why that is a concern, and that people want to see improvement in it. But you know what, I disagree, vehemently, with the notion that the time for change is now and only now and that it must be forced upon the world.

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