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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 9


Episode 9: the Tommy Wiseau Show is now live on iTunes/Stitcher(takes a couple mins to hit the main page) and ready for your aching ear holes. This week we talk about Street Fighter 5 being a PS4 exclusive, Amiibogedon, and

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Let’s Think Games – Sex, Games, Censorship with special guest Porn Star Mercedes Carrera


This week we look at the social engineering aspects that we are facing in this day and age that cross the boundaries of entertainment, and the trend of chipping away at our rights to entertainment by outside forces. This is

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 8


Episode 8: The Video Game Awards 2014 Commentary, is now live(well since late last night but you get the idea) This week we do something completely different, We actually do a full commentary of The Video Game Awards, giving our

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Arcade Block Unboxing for November 2014


So apparently they sent me another Arcade Block after I cancelled my subscription, so what the hell, let’s do an unboxing! Check out the goods in this months Arcade Block! Surprisingly weird but fun block this week. read more

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Voice of PaRappa threatens death on fan after he steals $100 from him in 2 year long escapade


(Artwork by The Wang, 2003) This has been brewing for over a year now, but it seems that John Simpson III A.K.A. Dred Foxx, Voice actor of PaRappa the Rapper, is not as friendly as his video game counterpart. It

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 7


Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 7: Doritos Pope is now live and coming to Stitcher and iTunes page soon(which you can find on the right) or direct download or subscribe via iTunes to get it RIGHT NOW! This week we

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Smash Bros. Wii U Tip: Wii U Smash Tips: Target Practice Stage 1, 2, 3 Perfect and 450,000 score


For this Smash Bros. Wii U Tip, people asked me to help them with the Target Practice Challenges(Target Practice Stage 1, 2, 3 Perfect and 450,000 score) so I wanted to present you you a clean video how to on

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Smash Bros. Wii U Tip: How to hit over 5000 Feet


Hello all you Smash Fans, Recently many asked how exactly I pulled off my 5000+ Home Run contest hit, without using the Home Run Bat with Ganon on my stream. And after a quick search, it felt like the videos

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Is Zombi U 2 Being Resurrected From the Dead?


Amazon France made news this morning when they listed Zombi U 2 on their market place for a October 2015 release. This came as a shock to many, myself included because back in 2013, when Ubisoft canceled the game, leaving

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 6


Episode 6 – Cat wants to talk about XenoBlade Has hit the air ways and should be live soon(slight technical delays on Stitcher.) This week we talk about Super Smash Brothers, price of games, and the idea of Companies releasing

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Mewtwo IS going to be available for purchase.


For all those that were getting their Super Smash Short in a twist about Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai comments on how he did not like the idea of payed DLC characters, when referencing Mewtwo, did not realize that

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Review: Super Smash Bros Wii U


Super Smash Brothers has been an iconic series since its inception. It’s vibrant cast of Nintendo main stays, duking it out for glory has always been a fun and intriguing concept that I have indulged in since the days of

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Let’s Think Games – Anita Sarkeesian vs Jack Thompson


This week I talk a little about Anita Sarkeesian vs Jack Thompson and the tragic and bitter irony that is their criticism of each other. As a side note, it is very odd to see so many people wanting to

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Sunday Funday Show: Tobal 2 for Playstation 1


This Weeks Sunday Funday show Featured one of my favorite games, Tobal 2, made by Squaresoft for the Playstation 1. This game is not only a competent fighter, but features and insanely hard quest mode that is, quite possibly the

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Review: Tengami


Trips down memory lane are filled with pop up books. There is just something inherently interesting, and mechanically satisfying about the way they are created and function, much like video games themselves. But what happens when you when you take

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 5


Episode 5 – Why Gabe Newell is a Prick, is now Live! This week we have special Guest Kevin Dent on and talk Nintendo’s future, Press gone Patreon, and The issues in Assassin’s Creed Unity. read more

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Friday Freeplay: Tengami on Wii U

This week Nyamyam sent me a copy of their new Wii U eShop game, Tengami. Join me as I explore this unique and Beautiful puzzle game. Game info can be found at Check out for more info. read

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Let’s Think Games – Goerdie Tait and Mental Health Illness in the Games Industry

I take a moment to talk about Goerdie Tait public Holocaust of Gamers in #GamerGate comments, Mental Health Illness and it’s relation to the industry and Fandom as a whole. Take a moment to listen in. If you feel like

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Let’s Talk Games Podcast Episode 4


Episode 4 – Ham, Should hit your feeds soon. This week we have special Guest, Jemma Morgan on and talk Blizzcon’s big 3, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, And World of Warcraft Check Jemma out on Twitter at @ShuluuMoo Also check out

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Let’s Think Games – Idols, Anti GG semantics, and YOU

I talk about 5 major things that I think have not really been solidified in the communities surrounding #GamerGate: Why it started How media could have fixed it before it started, but they didn’t Anti GG semantics Harassment on both

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