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Katsucon XX Recap!


This year marked Katsucon’s 20th gathering and had a lot going on. The surrounding DC metro area was pummelled with tons of snow at the start of the con, but this did not deter the massively huge crowds from making

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Ode to Warhammer Online


This is a bit overdue, but much needed. This is an ode to one of the best player vs player (or as they referred to it as realm (of Destruction) vs. realm (of Order)) MMOs to grace the internet. Background:

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Katsucon 2014


For those of you on the east coast, there is a great cosplay convention coming up February 14 – 16th. Katsucon! The convention is at the Gaylord Resort at the National Harbor, MD, which is right on the Washington, DC

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Akakioga Cosplay


Sorry for no content since my introduction post, but holiday time can sometimes be time consuming! Going forward, I am going to post a weekly pick for unique cosplay. This week, I would like to feature Akakioga Cosplay. Akakioga has

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