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Rumor: Mii Swordsman Amiibo Prototype Leaked?


A thread recently posted on Reddit’s r/Amiibo shows pictures of a possible prototype of an amiibo for Super Smash Bro.’s Mii Swordman. Many people have been coming to the conclusion that this figure is real, even though it can not be

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MUCH Foundation: Heroes at Children’s Hospital Bedsides


Many of you know that I volunteer some of my time to local charities to help sick, injured and disabled children. I’ve been asked before what charities I volunteer for and this is the big one for me. I volunteer with

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Getting Down at Megacon 2015


This year at Megacon 2015, there was a great line up of talented actors and performers including Gamergate’s own Adam Baldwin. I spent the majority of my time running around in cosplay, catching princesses and princes as Bowser, finding Pokemon

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Let’s Think Games – Convention Bias, MRA, Honey Badger Radio with Anna Cherry


We got a special treat for you all this week as we have an amazing interview with Anna Cherry from Honey Badger Radio with us, as we talk about a whole host of things including Convention Bias at Calgary Expo, MRAs

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Let’s Think Games – Convention Aggression


Stephanie Green, Liana Kerzner, and myself talk about the growing aggression in the convention and games communities as well as the ideas behind them. This is a deep one so be sure to strap in and give yourself some time

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Convention Threats A New Staple?


Recently we have been in a quagmire, as the gaming communities have been split online and in real life fighting for things that they believe in. While things can be heated, they tend to go no further then random acts

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The Brothers Cut Assassins Creed Hoodie Unboxing


This time we take a look at an item plastered all over Facebook gamer ads, and that is the The Brothers Cut Assassins Hoodie H18 inspired by Assassins Creed, Should you buy it? Watch as I point out everything you

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Katsucon XX Recap!


This year marked Katsucon’s 20th gathering and had a lot going on. The surrounding DC metro area was pummelled with tons of snow at the start of the con, but this did not deter the massively huge crowds from making

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Ode to Warhammer Online


This is a bit overdue, but much needed. This is an ode to one of the best player vs player (or as they referred to it as realm (of Destruction) vs. realm (of Order)) MMOs to grace the internet. read

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Katsucon 2014


For those of you on the east coast, there is a great cosplay convention coming up February 14 – 16th. Katsucon! The convention is at the Gaylord Resort at the National Harbor, MD, which is right on the Washington, DC

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Akakioga Cosplay


Sorry for no content since my introduction post, but holiday time can sometimes be time consuming! Going forward, I am going to post a weekly pick for unique cosplay. This week, I would like to feature Akakioga Cosplay. Akakioga has

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Here comes the cosplaying!


Eager to read about some unique, interesting and noteworthy cosplaying related blogs? Well then, you are in for a treat. I’m Amanda and will be posting mainly cosplay related blogs, but will occasionally dabble in other areas of interest too.

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Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention 2013 Coverage


Take a look inside, as we tackle the 5th annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention. Some great art, cosplay, fanfar, and toys to be had. Check them out as we take a ride though the convention. Check out the

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Working with Tish Trotter, we tackled Comikaze 2013, with power of Thor’s hammer! We check out Cosplay, The Video Game Museum, butt, toys, special interviews and more! Check out all the great video coverage below as its uploaded and be

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