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“Battles Vs. Romance”- Teenage Pokemon Season 2 FINALE!


Hey all, The finale of Teenage Pokemon Season 2 is here!, be sure to check it out as well as the previous episodes if you have missed them. This episode also guest stars Jim Sterling from “Jimquisition” fame as Ditto.

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Thug Notes


Thug Notes is an ingenious Youtube series about Sparkey Sweet PhD, a true scholar and gentleman, making analyses and commentaries about mostly classical American literature. The show is humorous in tone and always delivers criticism about the society and government

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“Pikachu vs. Bronies” – Teenage Pokemon season 2 is out now!


If you guys have not been following along or have not been attuned to it, you damn well should be. This is Teenage Pokemon! In one of the best episodes I have seen they cover something that we have covered

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Mao Would be Proud?


This video that has been a curious sensation on Chinese television has made both the East and West scratch their heads. Not much is known about the person in the video, if he’s in fact Chinese or if he’s making

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