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RUMOR: Nintendo of America “Lost Faith” in Devil’s Third, Not Publishing the Game for the US


According to Unseen 64’s Liam Robertson, Nintendo of America has no plans to release Tomonobu Itagaki’s Wii U exclusive shooter Devil’s Third, after helping to save the game from development hell last year. According to Liam’s NoA source, when bringing up

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Anita Sarkeesian Is A Liar


During E3 there was a lot of stuff that happened. Something that stood out to not just gamers, but developers as well, Anita Sarkeesian came to E3 this year and managed to spew more nonsense than previously (if you can

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Dying Light Developer Make Fun Of Bungie

maxresdefault (9)

Dying Light developer Techland have gone out to make fun of Bungie’s recent timed exclusive DLC from Red Bull. Techland has now released a campaign similar to Bungie’s, where you should drink water and post a picture of it. Now

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Ship2Block20 Exclusive:IGDA COVER BLOWN


Micheal Jordan has a confession to make, and you might want to listen. So, here is the video.   read more

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Bethesda Announces a Elder Scrolls Card Game, Gets Booed off Stage


Today during Bethesda’s E3 conference, I’m pretty sure some people were wanting a new Elder Scrolls. I guess they got it? Enter The Elder Scrolls Legends, a H̶e̶a̶r̶t̶h̶s̶t̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶K̶n̶o̶c̶k̶o̶f̶f̶  “Tactical Card Game” for PC and iPad, and surprise, no one cared.

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Next Need For Speed Game Will Have DRM


The last Need For Speed game had optional online, where other players could drop in and out of your game. Which many gamers liked at the time because of the option to do both. The upcoming Need for Speed game

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You’re A Kid Now, You’re A Felon Now: UK Splatoon Shipments Stolen


In a scene straight out of a heist movie, if said heist movie were about squid people, UK Retailor GAME’s shipments of the European Splatoon Special Edition, including the game and the Squid amiibo, was stolen. read more

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CSI: Cyber – Gamers are Weak Minded People That Can’t Establish Reality from Games Also DEEP WEB


Oooooo boy, nothing wrings my nipples harder(in a bad way) than the way the media portrays video games, and the people that play them. First things first, I will be talking specifically about the episode “Ghost in the Machine” which seems like

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Rockstar Not Banning Players For Singleplayer Mods


There have been stories where it seemed that Rockstar was banning gamers that had singleplayer mods on GTA V. Rockstar has now come out to address the concerns of gamers. It turns out not to be entirely true. Rockstar answered

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Indie “Dev” Brianna Wu say she Talked to “Prosecutors with Power to Prosecute Gamergate”


So it seems Indie “Dev” Brianna Wu, who has scored thousands of dollars from individuals who are defined by the age old proverb “A fool and his money are soon parted.” via her self-martyrdom at the start of #Gamergate when

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The Short Term Memory the Gaming Media Are Showing


I’ve seen a lot of articles lately where people are actively defending a person that is very controversial to say the least: Anita Sarkeesian. It wasn’t that long ago when a person like her was laughed at by the same media.

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The Underhanded Nature of The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative


“The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative is an organization founded by CEO Randi Harper. Having spent 15 years in the tech sector, she has put her engineering skills to work in solving this problem, including authoring the popular “ggautoblocker” block tool

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Convention Threats A New Staple?


Recently we have been in a quagmire, as the gaming communities have been split online and in real life fighting for things that they believe in. While things can be heated, they tend to go no further then random acts

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Blocked: Silencing the Public Opinion

not listening

I’ve been advocating for solutions to online gaming harassment for just over a month now. It was rough after being torn through the mud by ABC and having to explain myself. One thing I noticed is that every side seemed

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The Brothers Cut Assassins Creed Hoodie Unboxing


This time we take a look at an item plastered all over Facebook gamer ads, and that is the The Brothers Cut Assassins Hoodie H18 inspired by Assassins Creed, Should you buy it? Watch as I point out everything you

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Nintendo: no amiibos have been discontinued, right now


After the recent kerfuffle about the allegedly cancelled amiibo production, a Nintendo customer service representative has denied a cancellation, stating: read more

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Katsuhiro Harada responds to fan ‘concerns’

lucky chloe

After the reveal of Tekken 7’s new character “Lucky Chloe”, fans responded remarkably negatively. Tekken, their warbling claims, is far to serious to have a “furry Vocaloid idol”, and that such “absolute trash” demeans the decorum of the series’ fighting

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Watch Sony’s Pulled PS4 Ad

ps4 lewd

This may have been something of a misstep on Sony’s part, as it looks like this ad is talking about something completely unintended. I bet they’re upset that they’ve cocked it up. read more

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Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention 2013 Coverage


Take a look inside, as we tackle the 5th annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention. Some great art, cosplay, fanfar, and toys to be had. Check them out as we take a ride though the convention. Check out the

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Working with Tish Trotter, we tackled Comikaze 2013, with power of Thor’s hammer! We check out Cosplay, The Video Game Museum, butt, toys, special interviews and more! Check out all the great video coverage below as its uploaded and be

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