“Gamers” now apathetic to SOPA?


Recently I posted about the findings of SOPA 2.0, and how the Obama Administration wants to pass part(s) of SOPA. Further inspection of the documents listed by the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force shows that they also want to widen the meaning of what “streaming” means, making it allot vaguer then once thought. This is externally dangerous to all who do any sort of reviews or reporting on any games as it essentially will take away your right to show any video or pictures of any copyright, and leaving it up to the published of said material what exactly that is. If you would like to review the documents yourself, you can find the official link here.

Now with a few people finding this out the backing from the gaming community has been less then lack luster. It seems that the many that fought SOPA before, are no where to be found this time around. This comes a couple months after the rallies against Xbox One and it’s former plans to lay the way for anti consumer practices.
This makes me wonder what would happen to Twitch and the news that Playstation 4 will have Twitch support.

Lets hope that the gaming community is just late to the party this time around.


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  • laijka

    I don’t want to say we’re all lazy idiots with an attention span of under 2 seconds.. but we are.

    I’m not all that surprised no one seems to care this time around. Generally speaking if they show us something enough times we’ll quickly stop caring.

    I mean look at those buddhist monks in Asia. Yeah, the whole world was wearing red for a week or two and everyone joined a facebook group but after those two weeks? Nothing had changed for the monks and the world went on to rage about the next hot thing.

  • Warrior Cats RPG

    This is exactly what the people pushing SOPA are trying to do, wear us down. We can’t let them do it!

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