Saint’s Row IV Impressions

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Here is a title that I have not seen myself getting honestly. With the way Saint’s Row the Third turned out story-wise and from a gameplay standpoint, I was really on the fence about this sequel to the series. What made me end up pre-ordering it was the was the trailers. When I saw the Independence Day trailer and how many characters are returning in this installment, I was intrigued. Then what put the icing on the cake is when they announced that Johnny Gat made a return. I was sold from that point on.

Well seeing that this one actually has a story unlike SRTT having a really lacking story and events that were sporadic and random, it is more fleshed out in a crazed-out manner. You are still the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, a small street gang that made their way into media icons. This time around though, you become President of the United States. I won’t spoil how since that entire event was awesome in it’s own way. 5 Years after you become President, you are heading to a press-conference when Aliens from Outer Space invade earth. It then get’s real really quickly as they capture your homies and you get your ass kicked and captured. Then you end up in a virtual Steelport as you must break free of the simulation and defeat the Alien Warlord Zinyak and save your friends.

The sandbox area they give you is the same city from the first game. The thing that sets it apart though is that you are in a virtual Steelport. This one has nothing to do with the Saints and is out to break you mentally as the simulations are made up of your fears. Elements have been changed in landscape as certain buildings are destroyed, alien towers are looking down at you and there are propaganda of Zinyak that is aimed to break you.

The gameplay is really similar to every sandbox game that is commonly played. If you have played Saint’s Row games before, then this one is no different to how it plays. What is new about the game is the addition to superpowers. You can now run super fast, jump really high, and use a variety of superpowers that the game hands you. You start out with the basic run and jump but the game will give you more to play with as you progress through the game. Also the upgrade system is the same but with superpowers you have to use data clusters you find around the city to upgrade your powers. The clusters are really similar to Crackdown’s Agility Orbs as I found myself jumping from rooftop to rooftop collecting the clusters. There is also weapon customization which is really fun to use and further stand yourself out from others. The weapon customization can have you pick what your gun looks like and the camo of it so I can have an RPG, change it so that it’s a guitar case that shoots rockets and change the look of the case if it is available.

The game is available now as it released on 8/20/13 and is on Steam for $49.99 and Retail on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for $59.99


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